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Come on Apple…

Ok, so I am all for a little Big corporation mischief but really Apple? Not that Proview really had anything to compete just for the name iPad but to misrepresent and false competition due to the fact? A little below you isn’t it? Oh wait… it’s not… I love your products and I love your stores but the way you treat everyone else other than your customers is absolutely inexcusable. You are already in trouble for working conditions in your factories and now the facts surfacing from the lawsuit with Proview? haha you idiots. Even though Steve Jobs was probably in on it, i’m still sure he would be upset with it.

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Fall, just a downright beautiful season!

You know, this is Wisconsin, and if you don’t like the cold weather? GET OUT! Just kidding… I just want to take a few minutes to talk about the Season of Fall. Most people can agree that this is one of the best seasons in our fine state. We got football, cold weather, beautiful colors, different kinds of decorations and just an all-around different world.

One of my favorite parts of Fall is the leaves, and probably about 4 Million other people’s favorite part. I love just heading down to the local coffee shop and grabbing a nice cup of coffee heading down to the Arboretum and just having a nice walk. Just a little side note… the other thing about fall that I love is the new coffee drinks! For example, Starbucks has its fantastic Pumpkin Spice Latte! This is one of my favorite drinks and is also the reason in which I buy a ton of the mix for it and make it at home. It is such an attack on your taste buds and nose that it just uplifts your day! The swirling smell of spices, pumpkin and just a little bit of coffee wakes you up yet calms you down and makes you feel like you are in the drink itself. The other drink I am simply in love with is a warm apple cider that a local place makes here called Barriques. Obviously this is one of the most common speciality drinks during the season. I digress.

Furthermore the season is a short one but is always good to see every year. Welcome back fall!

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The rich are different from you and I; they have money.
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Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.
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Our life’s a stage, a comedy: either learn to play and take it lightly, or bear its troubles patiently.
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Return to School

Welcome back all college students! Here opens another chapter of our lives into adulthood. It has been quite a rough break for me and I am hoping it was not as stressful for the rest of you.

When everyone returns to school this semester try to get back in the game in a different way. Approach it in a way that integrates what you already view on school with other aspects. Let me explain. Say you already focus on school a lot, you study all day and you study all night. This may have left some friends out of the picture. This semester be a little more social, go make those new friends while in class. You can still work hard but wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to study with too and maybe grab a drink or some dinner with afterwards? Never lose sight of the bigger picture obviously but don’t go through college without experiencing everything. Yes it is a time to create a stable foundation for us when we graduate but we are also here to experience new things, meet new people, and just have fun!

Don’t get caught up in anything. Let things play out in their own way but don’t become so enveloped in something that everything else is sacrificed. You need to be able to balance things and also if something is really trying on you, maybe its something you don’t need in your life right at that moment. You can always let something go even if it is the hardest thing in the world to do right then.

Cheers everyone!

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Christmas Time

The Christmas season is here and I’m excited. I have always loved the Christmas season. Everyone (sometimes) in a cheery mood, very kind, courteous, and just in the merry spirit. This year however, a lot has happened in the last few months and it’s going to be rough. I hope that the Christmas spirit will lift me up in these rough times but who knows. I hope everyone gets a chance this year to thank anyone and everything they have and remember those who are less fortunate. Thank your lucky stars and wish well upon those who don’t have a lot to look forward to. Do what you can to help anyone who needs it. Everyone should also get a chance to go look at the lights around their city and just feel the warmth. Merry Christmas everyone and I wish well on you all. Grab some eggnog, some good company, a fire, and great conversations. Until next time, Merry Christmas.

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Battle of the Computer Super Powers (AAPL and MSFT)

Well for almost 26 years now there has been a war going on between two major companies. Two “Super Powers” in their industries and wage many things to defeat the other.Microsoft and Apple; However, could we see the end of the battle? I believe the battle is coming to an end because their stocks show evening between the two. For the last 23 years, Microsoft has dominated the competition by creating some of the most useful computer tools in our world today. Although recent stocks show Apple currently taking over, the 26 year stock chart shows that Microsoft has always been the leader in Computing technology. Apple’s recent technological advances are the only reason they show improvement from the past 2 decades against Microsoft. Continuing with this thought, I see almost an agreement between the two as they could work together to create diverse devices for all users instead of one or the other attempting to create a monopoly on the industry. Finally, if these two huge companies can do that? We could advance in our technology at an “awesome” rate. (Webster’s Dictionary defines ‘Awesome’ as something that leaves you in aw and wonder). This is just my small and hopeful opinion as to what may happen with these companies and hope to see what outcome will come about.

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Ok, so what is the deal with smartphones? Do I need one? Can I live without one? Why would I need one? What can I do with one? Well lets explore these important questions… First things first. What is a smartphone? A smartphone (as defined by Wikipedia) is “… a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities, often with PC-like functionality (PC-mobile handset convergence).” This means that the phone can do more advanced things such as opening documents, editing them, using HTML web browsing, Calendar synchronization, and direct Email systems. So, moving onto what next; Do you actually need one?

I am not saying all people need one, but i’m not saying everyone doesn’t need one. A lot of people NEED a smartphone such as business professionals, lawyers, college students, masseuse, and even Jessica Simpson. The big reason people like this needs one is for organization. Smartphones are a great way to keep yourself organized right into your little pocket. You can have all your appointments, tasks, plans, Email, and documents right at your finger tips as easily as putting your hand in your pocket. It is great to be able to do that and know that you won’t forget anything. How about people who don’t need one? Such as middle schoolers, high schoolers, nurses, and infants. They don’t need to be organized, well not for the most part at least. These types of people don’t have a big need for this kind of stuff because their lifestyle or schedules are not busy enough to support such expensive products. Some normal, non-smartphone… phones have features that are smartphone-like but for cheaper yet not as reliable or user-friendly. They are a good substitute for those who want some organization but do not want the whole shebang of a smartphone. Even some carriers offer things like their own Email client to sort of satisfy that craving.

Some of the major smartphone companies include: Blackberry, Apple, HTC, and even Motorola now. These companies are starting to develop hundreds of different smartphones that can do almost anything you really want! It is all about choosing the right one. That does specific things or has certain features that is relevant to your situation. These devices are a great way of connecting with one another because they also feature advanced ways of social networking, and some (blackberry) have their own FREE instant message service! So, before you rush out and buy the latest and greatest smartphone. Decide whether or not you really need one or THAT particular one. I know my blackberry is my life so be careful.